Price: $150.00


At the beginning of WWII, there was a large demand and a short suply of knives for the troops. Many troops either made their own or had a machine shop make them a knife. They used whatever raw material was available, for both blades and handles.

Plexiglass or aluminum of downed aircraft often became handle material.

Blades came from spring steel, files, and cut down swords and machetes.

These knives became known as “Theater Knives”

I believe this is one of those knives.

Its a beauty and unusual as it has a photo of a G I in the butt of the knife and a name stamped on the blade.

Extremely well-built.

Clear, red & green plexiglass spacers make up the handle.

The double guard is made from a green color piece of plexiglass.

The photo of the G I is at the butt of the knife and a section of clear plexiglass is screw on over the photo.

The bright single edge blade shows dings & pits. JOSEPH HOLLINGER is stamped on one side. MADE IN CZECHOSLVA (rest of letters not legible) stamped on other side.

UnfortunatelY I cant be sure that the photo is of Joe but Im assuming that it is.

I had a knifemaker sharpen the edge as it had a few small nicks.

Im also gussing the blade is a section of a bayonet.

7.75″ OAL, 3 5/8″ Blade

I had a custom brown leather belt sheath made for the knife.

Author: john