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Arkansas maker Newt Livesay has been making knives for about 30 years. His knives have been purchased and carried by thousands.  New unused.

This is one of Newt’s most popular custom knives. It’s his small SOP neck knife, which stands for standard operating procedure. It’s a low profile neck knife that weighs less than 1.5 ounces.

It’s hollow ground from 1095 high carbon steel. LIVESAY stamped on one side

It’s kept in Newt’s custom kydex sheath. The knife has a small locking notch in the handle which will not allow the knife to come out of the sheath unless it is pulled out.

This is an amazing simple knife. It can open boxes, cut fan belts, radiator hoses, scrape parts, clean fish, skin deer, cut rope or what ever. It’s versality is only limited by your imagination.

Hung around your neck under your dress tie or slip inside your sweat shirt while jogging. This is the ultimate little backup knife states Newt.

6.0″ oal;1 3/4″ blade; .75″ wide,1/8″ Thick

Lanyard hole.

Newt’s kydex neck sheath included.

Unfortunately, Newt isn’t cranking out the volume of knives like he used to. So his knives are hard to come by.

Author: john