Product Description

Watch Kelly Warden training with one of Newt’s Fighting canes.

Newt Livesay is an Arkansas craftsman. He’s a master knife maker and dabbles in self-defense items such as his handmade canes. This is his hickory fighting/self-defense cane. I obtained the cane from Newt. Unused.

A great self-defense cane.

Newt selects his wood for his canes in the Arkansas Ozark forest.

The crook of his cane is hand bent using a form that was developed over 150 years ago. A nice size crook with a sharp point.

The hickory shaft is mostly round with a triangular edge for an extra crushing or cutting effect. There are also scalloped finger grips along the shaft that allows for a firm grip if holding the cane in a horizontal position.

Newt puts a hand finish on the cane using his mixture of Paraffin and Mineral oil. He does not like any type of varnish or stains.  If the cane needs some touching up he recommends using Mineral oil that can be purchased just about anywhere. It’s safe and has been used for years to coat wooden handles on garden tools.

38.5″ OAL Newt signed his name it on one side of the cane