Product Description

I am a dealer for Master Knife maker Newt Livesay.

He has made for years his self defense tool he calls the MEAT EATER/ SAFE KEY. He says if you need to explain to law enforcement what this is tell them it’s a key to your homemade safe

I sell many of his meat eaters. It has his “Get-Sum sticker attached and a partial NEWT LIVESAY stamp on other side. Wicked Knife Co stamped on butt.

In a dangerous situation always try and get away but if not possible use whatever means are available like a kubaton

This can be used like any kubaton. Comes with ring to carry keys.

However the added notch increases the usefullness of the kubaton

The notch is used by pushing hard and twisting on flesh.

It’s made from a round piece of solid aluminum

It will take a bite and the perp will most likely let go and not bother you any more.

6.0″ long, .75″ diameter