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For your consideration is this real solid brass heavy duty knuckle with Punisher face etched on one side. Made in India. Model BR-249 H. Please read disclaimer on box.

It has a solid and smooth finish. Huge holes with a diameter of an inch. It’s easy to clean and shines like new. Ergonomic design, each finger hole is design to fit from your pinky to your index finger and allows the base of the knuckle to rest with comfort in the palm of your hand

4 3/4″ 2 3/4″ Top to bottom, 1/2″ Thick, Weighs 14 1/2 ounces

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    Jeese at Lees Cutlery is the go to man ..For all you rookies out their , or stinkweeds that need some knowlege on Excelent knives or self defense items Jesse is your go to man..I am a severly injured,,Still active Cal-Fire heavy water tanker driver….Meaning i supply water to Strike Squads, in the middle of those awful Mountain Fires that kill so many.”.Paradise,Ca”..
    “,,Berry Creek ,,Ca”.. I live in the middle of those God forsaken towns that were completly destrowed an killed 100s.. Those brave Cal-Fire Fireman,an U,s Forestry men saved Oroville,Ca An risk their lives for all of yall out their…I tell my fello Fireman an lawenforcement fellow employees an workers to shop with Lee’s….. Be smart yall…Call Jesse at Lee”s Cutlery..He will get the job done right for you…God Bless yall !!! Matthew O.

    • Thank you for the kind woeds Matt

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