Price: $200.00


Western fixed blade knife model 221. Made in Colorado in 1985 (I stamp on tang)

Slightly used.

Ive never seen this model before. I understand its a pretty rare Western knife.

A brown micarta hidden tang handle has been put on the knife.

The brown micarta handle is a re-handled. Whoever did the handle cut too close on the bottom and a small piece of the metal tang is showing under the finger groove.I believe the original handle was leather spacers.

Original steel double guard with holes on each end.

The blade was probably blue. Now there is a very nice patina on the blade.

Notches along the top edge. I dont understand their purpose as they are not saw teeth.

WESTERN U.S.A. 221 AND I are stamped on one tang.

11.25″ OAL, 6.5″ Clip Blade, 3/16″ thick I

I had a nice custom brown leather sheath made for the knife

If you are a Western collector, you should add this knife to your collection.



NOTE: I received this interesting email about his knife:

“I own one of those knives. The total length is 11″, the blade length is 6 3/4″, and the blade width is 1 3/16”. I bought this at the Coleman Outlet store here in Wichita in either late 1985 or early 1986. This knife has Western U.S.A. 221 I stamped on the blade. It was made by Western to cash in on the craze of mid-eighties action-movie survival knives – think Rambo, Commando, Missing in Action, and so on. The original handle wass molded with finger-grips in some kind of very tough black plastic, and attached to the tang with two allen-head bolts. The bolster is an actual steel hammerhead, attached with some kind of metal spring peg. It is indeed at least partially functional, as Ive used mine to pound in quite a few tent stakes – though using it means dangerously swinging the blade end of a big knife toward yourself. Its really more of a novelty because you just cant get the kind of power behind a swing that you could get with a real hammer. This knife shipped with a ripstop nylon sheath of a type associated with tactical use.


The front of the sheath has a zippered pouch, and inside the pouch was a survival kit that included fishing line and hooks, waterproof matches, a strong notched steel wire that could function as a saw, a small can opener, and a very good compass. Anyway, just a little bit of history I thought you might enjoy reading”. Thanks for that bit of history.


Author: john