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For your consideration is this Covert Ops Military Elite Tactical OTF Automatic Self Defense Knuckle Knife.  Lifetime Warranty card in box. 2L-1

This is a special tactical knuckle knife that retracts back into the handle. Double edge two-tone plain edge blade. 3 1/2″ made from D2 steel as marked on blade

The knife also doubles as self defense black knuckle when the blade is retracted.

The black rubber inlay makes for a good tight grip and allows for greater comfort, handling, and easy cleaning.

The spring mechanism is tight and secure with action technology giving lightning fast opening and closing of the blade.

Each finger hole on the handle has a spike and the tip of each knuckle. This knife is strong, durable, comfortable, and a must have for any tactical knife set.

This blade comes with a black nylon sheath.

Weighs 11 ounces

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