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For your consideration is this Covert Ops USA tactical double edge OTF spiked knuckle knife & carry case. Unused from Covert Ops. Comes with a lifetime warranty.

Model ZA-06

It’s a modern take on WWI knuckle knives.

Lightweight green  aluminum digicam handle. Large holes for big hand. 3/4″ sharp black spikes protrude from each knuckle. Black glass breaker and lanyard hole.  Black pocket clip.

25 pounds of spring tension shoots the steel blade out with a  push on the side lever.

Black double edge blade with polished flats made from D2 steel, as stamped on blade.

8.85″ OAL, 3 1/2″ Blade, 3″ Wide handle. Screw driver included to use if screws should loosen.

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