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There have been instances where there is a car wreck or car on fire and people are trapped inside with their seat belt locked and they can’t get out. If your car is on fire or you are in one of those crashes you may only have a few seconds to get out. You don’t have time to wait for first responders.

CAR ON FIREI always have a knife one my person, one in glove box & the door side pocket. One knife I’ve started to have available is the Boker Subcom Survival folding knife designed by knife maker Chad Los Banos. I have one clipped, using the clip on back of the knife,  to each seat belt. It’s right at my chest when the belt is locked.

There are some states where having a knife is simply against the law (L.A. is a prime example). Many people are law abiding citizens who don’t want to carry a knife on there person or in their vehicle. I’m not an attorney nor giving legal advise but this small linerlock knife is legal in just about every state because of the short blade size. Although small it is an aggressive blade with partial serrations that will slice through a seat belt with ease. Weighs only 2.8 ounces.  Available at Lee’s Cutlery.

Another tool I keep in my vehicles is the BOKER PLUS COP TOOL FIXED BLADE TACTICAL KNIFERESCUE HOOK. This solid one piece tool can be used as a knife, chisel, seat belt cutter, scraper, lever and other uses. Available at Lee’s Cutlery

bokers 017
Boker Plus Subcom by Chad Los Banos
bokers 020
Boker Subcom Survival Knife by Chad Los Banos
cop tool
Boker Plus Cop Rescue Survival Tool



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