Zero Tolerance Flipper Pocket Knife Sinkevich 0470 Marbled Carbon Fiber

  I just received from Zero Tolerance the long awaited model 0470 collabration with Dimitry Sinkevich. New unused. Made in U.S.A.

It is a smooth flipper design pocket knife. Titanium frame lock.

Beautiful marbled carbon fiber inlay.

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Master Knife Maker Newt Livesay

Newt Livesay

Who is Newt? He is a self proclaimed Southern born American Author, Politically In-Correct Philosopher & Raconteur, Banged Up Warrior, Hard Living Adventurer, Lover & Knife Maker Extraordinaire.

I’ve known and dealt with Newt for over 20 years. What do I know about him? I know this man has a love for our military personal and looks to equip them with the absolute best knives he can make for them. This is what “he” says about his knives:


Livesay Combat Knives are used by Hard Charging Warriors around the World that can Swim Faster, Scuba Dive to Unbelievable Depths, Shoot Straighter, Sky-drive or HALO from Incredible Heights, Fight Better and Dirtier all the time Wining Wars with Honor, Loving Women, Pushing Deeper and Harder when needed,. They can Empty Bars, Quell Riots, Convert Virgins, End Revolutions, Tame Tigers, Organize Orgies, and Plan Church Socials in their spare time while killing Rats. These People are Hard Core, High Speed, Low Drag Individuals who care enough to Carry and Request the Best

Knives for Professional Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, and just damn good people”

If you have ever held a Livesay knife in your hands, you would know that they are built to last through hard ass usage. Maybe that’s why many service men heading over to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other theaters of war elect to carry a Livesay Combat Knife with them.


A lot of people don’t realize that I do not have a store front and would like to come and browse. You can

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Without the overhead of a brick & mortar store, I’m able to keep the prices lower than most.

Also I don’t do not sharpen knives but I recommend that if you are in the Phoenix area you get in touch with Bob the Knife Guy in Scottsdale, AZ at 602-705-1398

I’m adding new knives custom and production almost daily to Lee’s Cutlery such as Microtech, Helle, Katz and makers like Mike Irie,  Newt Livesay, Andre Thorburn, LT Wright and others. Check them out here Newly Added Knives

Mike Irie Custom Engraved Fixed Blade knife



I’ve added many new knives to my web site lees cutlery  Click on this link NEWLY ADDED KNIVES  to check them out. Included are several custom Newt Livesay Knives as his knives are some of my favorites.

I recently read about another of my favorite fixed blade knives the KA-BAR enjoy:

What’s in a name? The story of KA-BAR

A group of 38 men in Titidoute, Pennsylvania decided in 1898 to start a company for the production and sale of knives. When the Titidoute Cutlery Company ran into financial troubles in 1900 and was disbanded, the estate was bought by Wallace R Brown who started a new factory called the Union Razor Company. As emphasis shifted increasingly from razors to pocket and hunting knives, the factory name was changed again in 1909 to the Union Cutlery Company. In 1910 the company moved to Olean, New York, encouraged by the city council of this area to do so.

The name Ka-Bar was the result of a letter received from a trapper written in the 1920’s. While he had been out hunting  he was attacked by a rushing bear. His rifle failed, but he managed to kill the bear with his Union hunting knife. In the hardly legible letter, he thanked the company as his knife ‘k a bar.’ which was derived from ‘killed a bear.’ The company owners saw the opportunity for promotion and changed its name to Ka-Bar.

The Ka-Bar got such a good reputation during World War Two that the owner Danforth Brown decided to incorporate in 1952. In 1961 the family company was sold to a few local businessmen who drove it into bankruptcy shortly thereafter. The company changed hands several times until Atlas Corporation of Olean, New York took it over in 1996 and moved Ka-Bar back to the town it had started.

Taken from The Complete Encyclopedia of Knives by A.E. Hartink

Frank Centofante

Frank Centofante is well known legend in the custom knife industry, a celebrated veteran knife maker, and respected voice in the cutlery community.

Frank sold his first knife in 1968. working as a paramedic and fireman in Tampa, Fl., he would make knives on his swing shift. He began making knives on a regular basis in 1970 and has continued to produce quality custom cutlery ever since. Centofante began his career producing mostly fixed blade knives and then ventured into lockback folders. He joined the Knifemakers Guild in 1971, served on its board of directors for 20 years and served as president of the guild from 1989 to 1996. He is also a member of the Cutlery Hall of Fame and has received several awards to be honored by the industry including Red Watson Award presented by the Knifemakers Guild, Blade Magazine Publishers Award, Beretta Award as well as many others. Frank was also a member of the Corporazione Italiana Coltellinai .

Frank made many different models of knives. He started like most by making fixed blade knives but soon decided that folders were his forte. He designed several models of folders mostly liner lock models. He was known for producing high end collectible folding knives. He was also know for several collabrations with Spyderco knives & Kershaw Knives.

As a key contributor in educating Spyderco’s manufacturing team for many years, Frank taught them to learn how to recognize, appreciate and build quality knives. His advice was sage with him saying often “if you can’t see the difference…you can’t build the difference.”

Frank co-authored the book “How to Make Folding Knves” along with well known knifemakers Ron Lake and Wayne Clay.

Frank Centofante died Sept 7, 2009 after struggling with a long illness. The knife world truley lost one of the “giants” of the knife industry.

I have one of Frank’s damascus knife with mother of pearl handle  available on my web site  check it out