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New Knives Listed Lee’s Cutlery

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For your consideration are a couple of new knives listed at Lee’s Cutlery. Ray Kirk (RakeR Knives) & Jim Ort “OZ Custom Knives


Ray Kirk Custom Bowie Knife

My friend and Master Smith makes great knives. Here is what he says about his recently made “No Smoke” Bowie

This bowie knife was made for the February 19, 2016 cutting competition that will be held in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The conditions for entering is that the knife must have a cross guard, maximun 10 inch blade that is no more than 2 inches wide.  Total over all length is to be no more than 15 inches.  The knife must be completed in the last year and never been used in a cutting contest before.  The knife must be for sale at the show.

 The No Smoke Bowie was forged last month on the 19th anniversary of my quitting smoking, January 29, 1997.  The blade is forged from a 1 3/4″ round bar of my original batch of 52100.  The guard is made from Naval bronze that came from the shop of William Scagel.  I bought it at the Batson Symposium auction many years ago.  It had been donated by Doc Jim Lucy of Michigan.  The handle is Sambar stag crown that has been made to fit my hand.  The leather sheath was made by Mike Stott of Tahlequah especially for a competition knife. Ray has agreed to mail a Letter of Authenticity to whoever purchases the knife.

More details about the knife at Lee’s Cutlery

no smoke bowie, ort blunt nose 006
Ray Kirk’s “No Smoke” Bowie Knife & Custom Sheath


My friend and custom Scottsdale Arizona knife maker Jim Ort makes a fine knife.

Jim calls this knife “Bullnose” made from Spanish Lace damascus

Beautiful sambar scales.

Crocodile Hide front side of sheath

Full details about the knife at Lee’s Cutlery

no smoke bowie, ort blunt nose 002
Jim Ort “OZ” Custom Fixed Blade Knife “Bullnose” Spanish Lace Damascus, Crocodile Sheath




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