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Mr. Obama Close the Machete Loophole

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Mr. President I’m sure you are aware of the recent attack of diners in a Columbus, Ohio restaurant by a deranged individual using a machete.

There are too many machetes on the street. Why does anyone need a machete? Are there still jungles in America that need clearing? Are you aware you can even buy a machete from WalMart, no questions asked?

Mr. President with a stroke of your pen you can issue an executive order closing the machete loophole and, at the same time, create a new agency that can employ thousands of agents to control who gets a machete.

There must be no more buying, trading, giving or stealing machetes without being vetted by the National Agency to Control Machetes and paying the $25 background check.

We must keep machetes out of the hands of those that might want to harm us.

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