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Lee’s Cutlery Newsletter July 2019

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Lee’s musings:   I have experience an upswing in my knife business and as I’ve talked to others the knife business seems to be booming. Hope it continues. I attended the recent June Blade Show in Atlanta. It also was booming. The show was the largest it’s ever been. Many veteran knife companies and knife makers and lots of new ones attended. If you ever get a chance you must make a trip to Atlanta and check it out.

I attend gun and knife shows around the country and they also all seem to be doing well. I know our local Phoenix and Tucson shows are having large attendance and sales are happening.

TIP: If you’re into knives, then you need to be part of the: iKnife Collector Knife Forum,

The online community of knife collectors. Many great members. Lots of information. Jan does a great job running the site


Newt Livesay Master Knife Maker & Friend

Newt Livesay

Who is Newt? He is a self proclaimed Southern born American Author, Politically In-Correct Philosopher & Raconteur, Banged Up Warrior, Hard Living Adventurer, Lover & Knife Maker Extraordinaire.

What do I know about him? He has been a personal friend of mine for 25 years. I know he has a love for our military personal and looks to equip them with the absolute best knives he can make for them. This is what “he” says about his knives:


Livesay Combat Knives are used by Hard Charging Warriors around the World that can Swim Faster, Scuba Dive to Unbelievable Depths, Shoot Straighter, Sky-drive or HALO from Incredible Heights, Fight Better and Dirtier all the time Wining Wars with Honor, Loving Women, Pushing Deeper and Harder when needed,. They can Empty Bars, Quell Riots, Convert Virgins, End Revolutions, Tame Tigers, Organize Orgies, and Plan Church Socials in their spare time while killing Rats. These People are Hard Core, High Speed, Low Drag Individuals who care enough to Carry and Request the Best

Knives for Professional Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Officers, and just damn good people”

If you have ever held a Livesay knife in your hands, you would know that they are built to last through hard ass usage. Maybe that’s why many service men heading over to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other theaters of war have elected  to carry a Livesay Combat Knife with them.

I am proud to be his distributor and offer his knives for sale on my Lee’s web site. CLICK HERE to be directed to his page of knives.

I personally wear one of his popular NRGS neck knives daily. Possibly some of you may not know but Newt also makes hickory and oak fighting canes & a line of walking sticks.

Newt Livesay Custom “UJI” Tactical Knife
Newt Livesay Custom “Little Pecker” Fixed Blade Knife

Thank you for your time. I appreciate your business.

If you have any questions or comments please contact me.

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