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What’s A Kubotan?

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What is a Kubotan?

Self defense is serious business, and sometimes even the smallest most discrete weapon can do severe damage to your attacker.

The Kubotan fits the bill. It is a self defense personal security tactical tool. The Kubotan  (sometimes erroneously spelled as Kubaton or Kobutan) was designed by Takayuki Kubota who was a self-defense instructor for the Tokyo Police department in the 1950s

The Kubotan comes in different shapes and sizes. It’s a small handheld object that can enhance one’s striking power. A self defense tool close quarter weapon. Mostly resembles a small stick with a flat or pointed tip.  It is used to attack points of the body such as hands, arms, nose, shins, spine, head, temple, froin, neck, etc., whatever it takes to ward off an attacker. Most of the Kubatans are no more than 6″ long, similar in size to a writing pen. Kubotans are carried by men and women.

In a dangerous situation always try and get away but if not possible use whatever means are available like a kubaton.

Aluminum Kubaton

Here are a few samples.

dawson, iries, rybar neck knives, benchmade 053
Self Defense Kubotan by Lee
“Take A Bite” Kubaton Key Ring by Lee

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