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Katz knives of Canada has been making knives since the late 1970’s. Their line of hunting and folding knives have been excellent. Keith Derkatz, owner of Katz Knives, recently decided to add a line of axes and hatchets to the lineup. Calling them Hudson Bay Dakota Series The sample of his Dakota Series Scout hatchet he sent me is as high quality as any hatchet I’ve seen. The line is made to Katz’s specifications by a company in El Salvador. The heavy duty leather belt sheath is also of high quality. The belt loop is on  a swivel and is always out of the way walking or sitting.

KATZ HATCHET 001KATZ HATCHET 002KATZ HATCHET 003KATZ HATCHET 006KATZ HATCHET 00713″ OAL, 1LB Head Weight, Suggested Usage for Scouts, Hiking & Backpacking $121.00

The rest of the line will include a 16″ Hunters Model, 19″ Hunters Model, 26″ Limbing Model, 28″ Small Felling Axe, 31″ Felling Axe, 33″ Large Felling Axe, SW Carpenters Axe, & LS German Splitting Axe.  The entire line should be available by July 1, 2016

axes 001

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