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People are constantly asking me how I sharpen knives.  I must admit I have tried just about every gadget available including a coffee mug & even a river rock.

Recently I saw this fellow demonstrating the Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener.  I thought it was one of the greatest knife sharpening system I’d seen. I purchase one and am very happy with it and have been able to keep my knives & scissors sharp. The secret is that the tool allows for keeping a precision angle, which is critical for maintaining a sharp knife. The machine uses flexible belts of different grit just the same way  knife makers use belts. The tool not only sharpens knives & scissors, it will sharpen axes and hatchets, mower blades, garden shears, shovels, and most any tool with a blade.

Work Sharp has partnered with legendary hall of fame knife maker Ken Onion to develop a new knife and tool sharpening system with expanded features. Although I’m perfectly content with my current Work Sharp, I’m probably going to have to get the new one.

Disclaimer: I do not sell these nor am affiliated with the company. Just a satisfied customer.

Watch the 6 1/2 minute video for a great demonstration.

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener

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