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Al Mar Photo

A nice article written about Al Mar and the S.E.R.E knife by TJ Yaremko


Al Mar was born in the US, a son of Chinese immigrants.  After serving in the Army Special Forces he became the head of knife design for Gerber Knives. In 1979 he left Gerber to form his own company Al Mar Knives. His knives were manufactured in Seki City, Japan.  Al Mar died in 1992 from an aneurysm.

The S.E.R.E combat knife was designed by Al and Colonel James Rowe. Colonel Row was was a true American hero. He was taken captive for 5 years in Viet Nam. Most of that 5 years was in a cage. After 5 years he managed to overpower his guards and escape. When he returned to the United States he was given the task of training Green Berets and other high risk Military personel. That training was called Survival, Evasion, resistance & Escape or S.E.R.E.

This knife was named after that training program. Al Mar himself had been in Special Forces group in the Army.

After Al Mar started his company he remained loyal to the military and he received requirements and feedback from them.

This beautiful S.E.R.E knife is 12 7/8″ overall with a 7.5″ blade and 6mm thick. The blade is made from AUS6A stainless Japanese Tool steel. The handle is micarta with red liners and has a lined lanyard hole.  It comes with a black leather belt sheath with a sharpening stone carried in front pouch. The early S.E.R.E. knives were stamped with a PP for pre-production, as this one is. Later the PP was dropped and only numbers were used.

Eventually Al Mar extended the S.E.R.E line by adding 3 folding knives and 4 additional fixed blade knives


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The knife is available at Lee’s Cutlery




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