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Gene Davis was my best friend & brother from another mother. Unfortunately Gene passed away in 2004

Gene was a Colorado custom knife maker. We were best friends for 20+ years. I first met Gene at a gun show where he was displaying his knives. I purchased a couple of his knives at the show and our friendship started.

gene davis 001

Gene made knives in his garage. He didn’t have any fancy machines like makers use today. He had a band saw, drill press, a couple of hand made grinders, buffers and hand tools. Today most knife makers are machinists. They have mills, lathes, surface grinders, water jet, etc to make their blades & handles then send them off somewhere to get them heat treated.

Gene was truly a custom maker using his simple tools and his creativity. He would make any size from a small bird & trout to a large bowie knife. If you wanted Gene to make you a custom knife you would sit down with him and he would start drawing the knife out on paper. He would look at your hand and design a handle size.  He would then make the knife and leather sheath. He did his own heat treating using a tourch and the oven in his house.

gene davis 002

He also had his patterns that he liked to make. He mostly used high carbon steel for his blades. Micarta & horn for his handles. He made his own guard and even pin stock.

gene davis 2 001

Although he could make fancy knives, most of the knives he made were to be used. I know he received hundreds of testimonials how well his knife worked.

I miss Gene Davis. RIP Gene

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