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Ensign Knives by Mark D. Zalesky, Editor of Knife World. The full article appeared in KNIFE WORLD, December 2000.

The following paragraphs are only snippets  of the full article.

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The Ensign [pronounced ‘N’-sine] Corporation was — and still is — a Chicago-based firm that specializes in the manufacture of transformers and similar electronic parts

In the late 1960s, Dave Ensign was living in Salt Lake City, where he became acquainted with a Manti, Utah knifemaker by the name of Gil Hibben. Dave introduced his brother Joe, then working out of Chicago, to the knives that Gil was putting out at that time. Both admired Hibben’s work and were impressed with the quality that Hibben was able to achieve with such basic equipment.

The Ensign brothers had experience in the manufacturing business, so when Gil fell on hard financial times, the Ensigns suggested that they help each other out. In 1968, they provided Hibben with some capital with which to expand and modernize his operation without compromising the handmade aspects of his work

As time wore on the relationship between Hibben and his financial supporters, the Ensigns, became strained. In about 1970 they parted company

In the late 1970s, Dave Ensign heard of a fellow down in Richfield, Utah who was earning quite a reputation for his fine handmade knives. That man’s name was Buster Warenski, and in about 1979, Ensign would introduce a line of knives designed by Buster and bearing his name.

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Ensign/Warenski Fixed Blade Knife

There just happens to be one of these rare Ensign/Warenski fixed blade knives at Lee’s Cutlery

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