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Boker Cronidur 30 Folding Hunter

Durwood Hollis wrote an informative article about this fairly new knife steel. September 2013 Tactical Knives Magazine.

He states that the stainless steel comes from the Space Shuttle program as bearing steel for the rocket engines. Although a tough steel it is being used by only a few custom knife makers.  Mainly German companies, Boker, Henckels, & Zwilling are the only factories using the steel. Nitrogen replaces  much of the carbon content which makes the steel extremely resistant to rust even in saltwater conditions.

Mr. Hollis tested his Boker Cronidur lockback knife field dressing and skinning a wild pig. He did not clean the knife afterwards to see how well the steel would resist the corrosive hog blood. When he did get around to cleaning the knife there was not a hint of rust or staining.

He doesn’t understand why this premium blade steel has not made it’s way to the U.S.

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