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fiddleback forgeHere is what Andy says about his line of custom knives:Hi, I am Andy Roy, the maker at Fiddleback Forge, LLC. I started making knives in 2007, and went full time May 1, 2009 when I got laid off of my last engineering position. I consider myself a toolmaker, and much of the focus of my work is in the handle. I strive to make the most comfortable handle you’ve ever held. It is important to me that you can hold the knife in many positions comfortably and do hard extended work with the blade. I also think it is important for the handle to index the knife in your hand, so that no matter how you hold it, you know where the edge is without having to look. I use a variety of steels, and my favorite grinds are convex, and Scandi. In 2010 I spent a lot of time developing a finish treatment for the flats of my knives that I call 3D Spalted Steel. It adds a unique character to my blades, and I think it complements the refined handle work well.

Check out these 5 new custom knives that I’ve just added on Lee’s Cutlery web site. Click on each photo for more details.

fiddleback forge, kubaton, bokers 010
Fiddleback Forge “ASP” Curly Oak Handle Scales
fiddleback forge, kubaton, bokers 013
Fiddleback Forge “Hiking Buddy’ Curly Walnut Handle scales
fiddleback forge, kubaton, bokers 016
Fiddleback Forge “Hiking Buddy” Curly Mango
fiddleback forge, kubaton, bokers 007
Fiddleback Forge “Sneaky Pete” Curly Mango
fiddleback forge, kubaton, bokers 003
Fiddleback Forge “Kephart” Black Ash


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